A Comedian At Heart

Performing in Nightclubs, Taverns and Tents is the Template.

The goal is to sell out shows. The Bigger ambition to sell out Theatres

SA Stand-up Comedy is young, Kasi comedy is even younger.

A comedian's preparatory work is always inspiring and unmatched when compared to talent.

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Humour is spontaneous and unique to every individual. It takes a humour specialist to tailor a joke that will unite every Individual in the room to forget about their life problems and laugh as one. Stand-up comedy is the art of now, the gag1 has to work NOW. No editing no second takes. The beauty of Stand-up is that you’re only as good as your last performance. Regardless of there being three people or three thousand audience members, this is a performance art and champions know that the show must go on. Every Show and audience is special. No two days are the same at the office.

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I am always grateful to be living in a time to witness the evolution of stand-up comedy in South Africa. Drawing inspiration from pioneers who have introduced and currently & selflessly pushing comedy for their KASI’s

Humour specialist who invest time and effort to write gags1 and organize shows, always keeping it original.

1 Gag: A Funny story, especially told by a comedian


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Written by Tlhologelo Makweya