Hooked on Crochet

We are Rue and Trish, a dynamic duo of creative beings who are changing perceptions and mind-sets about the art of crocheting. We are juggling both business and school with Trish currently studying fourth year Law and Rue is doing Honours in English Literature. Founded in April 2016, BohoChic, like most black-owned businesses in South Africa, is the fruit of our desperate need to find ways to help us stay in university and achieve financial stability. We found it difficult to go on residence trips, buy appropriate clothing for court visits or textbooks because our parents were just not able to provide us with everything that we needed.


Instead of giving in to defeat we each started our own businesses; Trish’s being Spiritus Mundi designs, and Rue’s being Rude-soul chains, both specialised in making jewellery. However, we soon realised that we were not making enough money to sustain ourselves. We then looked at trends and realised there was a growing fascination for crochet clothing. Having had basic crochet skills passed down to us by our grandmothers, we set our minds to coming up with crochet garments that were relevant to our generation. This gave us the creative fuel we needed to merge our businesses to start BohoChic.

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The name Bohochic stems from two words, 'bohemian' meaning unconventional and 'chic' meaning style. This means that our products are stylish but have bohemian influences. Our inspiration are the misfts of the world, particularly people of colour who do not fit into conventional standards of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. We celebrate the wacky and weird masses out there.

Being a black female-owned business, we are invested in the #BlackGirlsAreMagic movement in order to empower young black women; this is evident in our YouTube channel where we show how our products are made with the aim of encouraging young women to venture into businesses like our own. We live our lives on the principle ubuntu as such we strive to effect change in the lives of others as such we started a skills development project where we teach women in the township of Joza how to crochet and employ them to make our products.

So who are we? We are young people, free to dream, create and live our best lives.

Love and light,
- BohoChic

Written by the creative duo, Rue and Trish from BohoChic. Find out more about them and their dope collection on their website BohoChic, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or Instagram, or subscribe to them on YouTube.