Taking 'Kasi Fashion Worldwide

The name is Highlight and I’m an iKasi Original.

An #iKasiOriginal to me means being a premier conceptualizer who dedicates enough time into celebrating South African ‘Kasi people and their ‘Kasi stories.

A person who does not lack identity and who celebrates being from eKasi. I am inspired by Laduma Ngxokolo from MaXhosa and I would like to collaborate and work with him.

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What inspires me is the fact that I know where we are as a culture and where we are as people. I want to fuse the ‘Kasi stories with the evolving fashion. I want to celebrate our culture and our people because it is very rich yet underrated.

Skaif means “Put Me On”

As people from eKasi we are poverty stricken due to the legacy of apartheid which is part of our history. We never had enough hence we had to learn to share everything. We use the slang Skaif whenever we want to be put on literally on anything. We grew up sicela ubisi e next door (asking for milk next door) that’s Skaif, we say Skaif ubisi (pass to milk). When asking to share a cigarette, we say Skaif cig. When asking to share knowledge we say, Skaif knowledge.

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Skaif is authentic original South African slang. Skaif is more than a clothing line, it is a lifestyle to us ‘Kasi people.

I am telling and portraying the ‘Kasi story in style through fashion. I am ‘Kasi fashion. I am doing this for ‘Kasi people and I want to take iKasi fashion to the world.


Instagram: skaif_highlight


Written by Highlight