An Artist with a Plate Canvas

My name is Terror Molebeli Lekopa and being #iKasiOriginal means inspiring people around you with what you do on a daily basis. I am a Chef by profession and I strive to inspire people through my culinary arts daily.

Many people think that being a Chef is an easy task until they are exposed to the kitchen and having to make sure that every dish you prepare is a masterpiece. Working in a kitchen requires you to have patience, dedication, consistency but most of all it requires one to have a passion for food. I guess that is what made it possible for me to walk away with a title for the Junior Chef of The Year 2017 because I never gave up even though I had failed two times prior to that.

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We learn through our mistakes and I believe that a person who comes out victorious at first try has not yet learnt anything but the one who fails learns a true lesson as to what you need to do to be victorious at the end. We learn more from our failures I must tell you. I know what I'm talking about cause I have been through it.

With the title came an opportunity to go abroad (it was my first time out of South Africa) to France where I got to apprentice with one of the most influential chefs in South Africa. This shows that having passion and being creative in your craft can take you places.
Maybe you have been trying to achieve something over the years but nothing has happened, be patient and know that you will get a much sweeter reward for the work that you put in.

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Being a Chef to me is more than just cooking, I have a strong belief that it is a calling. Not everyone can do it, that's why you need to be dedicated and be open to criticism whether bad or good. Any criticism is constructive as you will get know what to do to better your best.
No road is easy but make sure that wherever the path may lead you, walk with pride and your head held high. Do not be discouraged as to what people will say about what you are doing.

I love my food and do not like seeing people I know hungry. I have the power to change someone's life and I chose to do it through food. Every dish has a story and it also creates memories for the next person to dine on it.

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Creativity is an easy thing when it comes to me but it takes a lot of time to get used to it when you are in the kitchen. From coming up with ideas and putting them together and making sure they work perfectly altogether to the plate. There has to be soul in your food or it's just another list of ingredients. 

To everyone who wants to be a Chef - be ready to adventure into an exciting world of flavours from around the world. Be precise, creative, confident and remember that passion is your key to a great career. You are an artist and the plate is your canvas, be wild and let your imagination run free. Peace


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Written by Terror Molebeli Lekopa