Find Your Greatness

We all have dreams of ‘making it’ and seeing our names up in lights, but it’s not all about fame and fortune. Success and greatness come in different forms. For Luyanda Duma, fame isn’t greatness. She believes that serving communities and enriching people’s lives is where real greatness lies. 


There’s no set formula for becoming an iKasi Original. The name itself says it all – original! But Luyanda believes self-belief is component to excelling in your field. As she says:

“May you dare to keep walking even though quitting feels like the easier thing to do. May you dare to look up even though the weight of your burden compels you to look down. May you dare to dream about the future even though the enemy would love for your past to have the last say.

Keep walking, look up and dare to dream. Your crown has been bought and paid for, all you have to do is put it on your head”.

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Need more on Luyanda or the Malusi Duma Foundation? Get in touch with Luyanda via her social media handles:

IG: @luyandaduma
Facebook: Luyanda Lwandle Duma
Twitter: @luyanda_duma6

The Malusi Duma Foundation
Facebook: The Malusi Duma Foundation 
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