Pioneering an Authentic African Narrative

My name is Noluthando “Thando” Mthonti. I'm a 26-year-old female from the south of Johannesburg. I consider myself to be a multi-faceted individual with interests in corporate, media, advocacy and a strong passion for exploring the rebirth of the African economy. My life, like anyone else's life, has been full of lessons and I continue to learn and come to terms with my different strengths, abilities, and passions. I strive to have a positive influence and a notable contribution to everything I do, and I seek to leave this world a better place.

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I had a happy childhood, my mother tells me that I was bossy; intelligent; talkative and fussy.  I was the kind of child that would pretend to go to the bathroom when visiting family and friends, all to search for other children that I could play with. My love for people has always been a part of me and it continues to drive how I live my life. Growing up, all I wanted to be was a businesswoman in a suit (whatever that meant). My late paternal grandfather and mother genuinely believed in me and the success I would strive for. They believed in me so much so that they felt I was the best thing since sliced bread. Having my grandparents' support and backing has always propelled me into the right direction and has given me ambitions to truly achieve so much in life.

Unlike many people in radio, I did not always dream of being behind a microphone, but all of that changed when I arrived at TransAfrica Radio on the 1st of May 2016 to be a co-host on the breakfast show. It only made sense for me to expand this as a passion and strive to be great at it. (TransAfrica is a pan African radio station broadcasting throughout the African continent, we play 100% African music and keep the content 100% African) That initial experience as a co-host of a breakfast show taught me so much and gave me a sense of stepping in my father's footsteps as he was a constant feature on uKhozi FM while I was growing up. My father still works in radio support at the SABC, and there is plenty of lessons I could sponge off of him as I seek to expand my abilities and strengths in my radio career. I now handle my own show called Girls Gone Wild (GGW) every Sunday evening from 17:00 - 20:00. I have tailored GGW to be a show that focuses on African women and their achievements far and wide. The show really allows me to dig deep into African current affairs and shine a spotlight on social aspects that do not generally get the deserved attention. I hope to one day be the pioneer of content that puts the right attention on the African continent and the females that fly this continent's flag high enough to make it a world stronghold.

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Outside of radio, I continue to build myself and involve myself in initiatives that challenge my status quo and force me out of my comfort zone. I was recently selected as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper in the Soweto Hub. Global Shapers facilitate and run community-driven projects under the pillars of entrepreneurship; education; and social cohesion. The goal is to awareness around Soweto, with all its beauty and diversity. I've spent many years of my life in Diepkloof, visiting my favorite cousins and my grandparents in Pimville and Phiri respectively. For this, I can safely say that SOWETO holds a special place in my heart and with a definite connection.  I believe that my love for people stems from those experiences.

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I have dreams of building a legacy that is purposeful, impactful and all-encompassing of my gifts. Right now, my passion for rebuilding the African economy is focused on Soweto through my role as a Global Shaper. Being a global shaper plays a significant role and a key driver in achieving my goals. I do believe that I am going places and I am taking my Kasi with me!!





Written by Thando Mthonti