The Editor from Outer Space

Think about every movie, series, YouTube video or TV ad you’ve ever watched. Behind each there sits a snapback sporting, glasses wearing editor meticulously and tirelessly weaving cinematic scenes together for our enjoyment.

To find out a bit more about the mystique of the editing industry, we hooked up with Linda Dludla – an up and coming editor who’s making waves here on Earth, and taking the universe by storm.  

Linda Dludla

  1. Hi Linda. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
    I’m a Durbanite that likes to believe I’m an alien from an unknown planet of origin, due to my strange and un-Earth-like demeaner. Apart from taking double science and accounting as my high school subjects, I ventured into obtaining my degree in Creative Brand Communications and specialising in Multimedia Design, at Vega Durban.

    Filming and video editing started out as a hobby that I dived into for fun, but once I realised how much potential and positive power it held, I took it upon myself to make it my career choice.

  2. Why did you decide to become a video editor?
    I love the idea of being able to tell stories or what I am thinking through motion. I’m not someone who is comfortable or knows how to convey a message or their thoughts verbally, so I decided creating videos would be my way. I also just love the idea of being able to deconstruct visuals (and having the eye and ear to piece them back together) to tell a story that few to none would have thought possible or even imagined.

  3. What were your biggest challenges along the way? How did you overcome them?
    My biggest challenge is myself and my anxiety, really. I am a perfectionist who overthinks everything I do and say, and none of my work ever seems to be good enough in my eye.

    I wouldn’t say I have overcome any of my challenges, as they are still my everyday obstacles. But I am learning to accept and love my work and myself for what I am and who I am, which is good enough. I constantly have to assure myself that I AM good enough to be in the field that I am and that my work is not just good, but actually great at times.

  4. Take us through a day in the life of Linda Dludla…
    Getting up from bed half an hour after the last alarm has rung, showering, brushing my teeth and dressing up in a rush. Running past the kitchen whilst debating if I really have the time to make lunch and finally settling on Cheese flavoured 2-minute noodles. Blasting tunes in my car on the way to work, whilst I either replay the previous day’s activities/conversations or play out how I believe the day will go (conversations included).

    Long story short, my day is really just loud music, editing, playing out the strangest scenarios in my head, putting myself through a rigorous workout routine as a means of drowning my thoughts even just for an hour, observing the behaviour of others and overthinking… A lot. Oh, and did I mention my anxiety, or could you already tell?

  5. What motivates you?
    To be very honest, sometimes I don’t even know what motivates me. Some days it could very well be my own imagination – ideas that I think about at a random moment that sends a surge of energy through my body, telling it that “YOU SO GOTTA DO OR TRY THIS!”. And then other days? Well, I suppose it’s listening to music and creating my own stories which then turn into visuals or ideas that I could later use on a specific project.

  6. What do you love most about your job?
    Listening to other people’s stories and communicating meaningful narratives to others where I may. You learn a lot about people, life and the world really, as a video editor. It enables me to view everything from multiple lenses/perspectives.

  7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    Honestly, I hope to see myself in a space so comfortable with my own flaws and imperfections that I currently struggle to envision for myself at this very moment in my life. I want to be in a space where I can use my anxiety as a means of inspiration for my work and not for the fear of rejection or the storage for doubt in not only myself, but in my work.

  8. What does “iKasi Original” mean to you?
    Learning to do things your own way, in your style and at your own pace, and being unapologetic about it, because EVERYONE deserves to be their own person without the fear of being judged, rejected or doubted.

  9. Any advice for aspiring editors out there?
    Treat it as a hobby that allows for experimentation, and you’ll always have fun even in the most unlikely times and situations. We’re not saving lives, we’re changing them in a field that enables us to educate and allows the viewers to consider open-minded thinking and conversations. Let your work speak for itself. It might not attract everyone, but it will attract the right people.

  10. How can people find you online? (twitter, website, portfolio etc.)
    Feel free to check out my portfolio -