A Fresh Voice On The Airwaves

When people say be original, they don’t mean “do something entirely different that no one has ever come up with before “. They really mean be different. So being original isn’t about being new. It's about being different from everyone else doing what you do in your time and field.

 I am inspired by effort, perseverance but most of all by the love you put in when doing something you love. From the surface and (mostly from the comments my family shares) is that radio is easy. They have a perception that you just get there and chat and that’s it. They don’t get to see that on a particular day you are really not feeling well and you just don’t want to talk or you’ve received bad news just before the show and you want to ball your eyes out or the stress that your content producer had an issue so now you have to come up with a topic on the spot or the technical issues that happen while you on air and you need to pretend that everything is A-OK, or the need to be current and know things on the spot of everything involving the latest music, current affairs and the new slang word of the day. I could go on and on about the many things that can and do go wrong on a daily basis in the world of radio, and listeners will never have a single clue of the bad and or the ugly that happens before the curtain rises. But we put in the effort and persevere through those times because for the love we have for the space that we in.

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What I love most about being on radio is that we have the ability and the responsibility to influence, change perceptions, inspire and touch the lives of everyone that has a listen. Every day that I am on air I strive for listeners to walk away having learnt something new. Whether it changes their lives or not is never the issue, I just always live in the hope that by sharing with  other people who didn’t get the chance to listen to a certain topic or discussion of the show it could affect or trigger a thought or inspire an idea that will ultimately change their lives for the better. This has been a space that has helped me grow, it has matured me given me the reassurance that I often looked to get from others, it's challenged my thinking, and the way I see life I really cannot imagine doing anything else.A nice person and a good person are two different people. For it is the nice person's friendliest smile that can hide the world's deepest evils and the good person's kindest deed that can manifest the power of God. My point is, I always try to do good, it makes me feel closer to understanding my purpose.




Written by Qamani "Quax' Sifatyi