Finding the Comfort of Truth in Music

One of the most talented poets from the Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal, this socially conscious artist comes from the small city of Newcastle and has made a huge impact with his sound on the internet. With only 2 singles and a list of features, Blxck-Mosxs has since 2014 became a popular and active name in the Newcastle and Johannesburg hip-hop scene.  

Black Moses
Like many gifted speakers, Blxck-Mosxs speaks with fire in his eyes and is hugely inspiration to the youth and current social circumstances. In his own words, he explains his sounds as, “plain truth blended with soulful rhythm and poetry, it might be too complex or too watered down for certain ears but all hearts find the comfort of truth in my music”. I was directed into making music straight via God and that type of stuff, its nothing I can explain but I am really good at what I do and I am forever improving or looking to improve”.


Through various involvements in music Black-Moses soon decided this was going to be his craft then decided to drop a single in October 2014, following the success of his fellow stable mate’s ‘MATHOSA’ single which he was featured on, the single ‘SOBER KING’ released under then recently formulated Faculty Entertainment was an instant internet smash hit.
The second single released by Blxck-Mosxs was ‘GOOD SEX’, which is one of the most streamed songs ever on

In 2017 Black-Moses reintroduced himself on the scene with ‘Sandton Blues’, a song that captured the times perfectly according to a hip-hop blogger. The song was released on all platforms, across the globe and was very well received having been play listed on iGagasi FM in March 2017. The song continued to be playlisted on numerous other radio stations, including online stations such as CliffCentral, where Black-Moses was invited for a show.


That's what they say about me, now let me introduce myself: living in the kasi comes with a lot of disadvantages. You are forced to do without many of the things that make life easier. A true #iKasiOriginal can dissect his surroundings and see light at the end of the tunnel. My #iKasiOriginal inspiration is the late MANDOZA. He was born and raised in the kasi. With all the odds stacked against him, he still managed to break through, become successful and help his community. He did this with nothing but passion, drive and the bare minimums. This mindset is the blueprint of my sound and hustle. Using minimal sounds to create ground breaking music that not only get clubs jumping, but inspires people in my kasi to constantly chase knowledge and their dreams.

I’m BLXCK-MOSXS, a Newcastle KasiOriginal.


Instagram: blxck_mosxs

Sound Cloud: Black-Moses & The Lost Prophets

Written by BLXCK MOSXS.