More Than Just Music, a Lifestyle

My name is Khayalethu Richard Shikati aka RICHI RICH. I am a Hip Hop artist. Before that, I’m a creative entrepreneur. This is what #iKasiOriginal means to me...

NORTH GOMORA is our lifestyle. Our lingo.

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It’s our culture. It’s who we are. Influenced by Alexandra’s streets poised against Sandton’s strut comes North Gomora. A state of mind we want to share with all township youths. It gave us confidence in what we do and who we are. We come from disadvantaged backgrounds and North Gomora has helped nurture pride for where we come from; one road away from the richest square mile on the continent. There is a lot of history here and as young South Africans, we can’t leave it behind for an exclusively American-like style. It’s true that we regard ourselves as part of the Hip-Hop culture. Our Hip-Hop. South African Hip-Hop. North Gomora Hip-Hop. Our job is to express our story to the world and inspire creative thinking whenever possible.

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North Gomora is a state of mind that translates into meaningful action; Mswanko on eek; we’ve got to walk the talk.

I’m inspired by many artists. Mostly musicians as I am one. Though, my most influential artist has to be Okmalumekoolkat. He fundamentally changed my perspective on South African music and plays a big part in the way I sound as a musician today.






Written by Richi Rich