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Visual communication and music make up a large percentage of my daily life, as opposed to just being skill sets that I visit every now and then.

You see life through a vastly different lens when you’ve been behind the scenes and know what kind of effort, thought and processes go into designing a poster, developing a brand visual identity, creating a website, directing and storyboarding a music video, and writing and producing music. You see and listen differently.

That’s my world, but where design and music thrive the most is when I marry the two disciplines together.

Now I can not only hear the music, but I can see it through cover artwork, color and all kinds of visual media that the song can be translated into.

What? #iKasiOriginal?

I created a music video for a song I wrote called “NORMVL Still” from my “Your Absolutely Right EP” (2016). This particular piece basically summarises and defines what #iKasiOriginal means to me.

ByLwansta smallFor me, an #iKasiOriginal is a very curious human being. Their creativity thrives through asking “why?” with the hope of gaining a new perspective.

This individual shies away from what society understands by the word “normal”. They become NORMVL, a concept that doesn’t believe in “weird” or “normal” but nurtures the idea of being an original individual.

(See Urban Dictionary definition of NORMVL published by me: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=NORMVL).


NOV NOR1<NORMVL 3D Animation Video link: https://vimeo.com/246583297>

Another really significant trait attached to a #iKasiOriginal is resourcefulness. Their ability to find and create solutions and execute concepts with the few resources that they have at their disposal. I think creativity goes hand in hand with a Do It Yourself mentality. This forces you to tap into your naturally buzzing curiosity and learn how to do whatever it is that needs to be is done. This process ultimately adds to your vast skill set. It’s also where I got the “By” in my name.

<The By in ByLwansta explained: https://vimeo.com/253294211>

NORMVL Still” is a music video I created while studying 3rd year multimedia. I was inspired by the idea of the freedoms you are exposed to with a green screen and the ability you have to juxtapose reality as you know it and reality as you imagine it.

<NORMVL Still YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxxhEFwjcaY>

The song itself narrates and promotes the idea of maintaining authenticity, originality and individuality by not allowing the pressures of societal standards to shake you or sway you into the wave.

I spent no more than R80 creating this video, and that R80 was just for the green fabric that I used for the green screen. I accessed the rest of my resources from campus, from the camera to the computers, to the classroom. It was a very spontaneous project, I was learning on the job and creating something I had only seen in my mind.

Creating this video, and all the other visual aids I’ve created for my music, make ByLwansta an #iKasiOriginal by default.